H2B’s Got Skillz

June 1, 2010

In his off-time from bootcamp, H2B managed to put together a brand new deck for me over a weekend.  How is this man so freakin’ amazing??  By the way, in the same timeframe that we are planning a wedding and starting new jobs, we are also remodeling a house.  The renovation is getting the same kind of slow start the wedding planning is on.  But all it takes is a trigger to get things started.  In this case, it is a brand spanking new deck for the back yard.

Witness the transformation.

This is the before shot.  All I asked him to do was rip down the eroding structure up top. He decided it was too full of grapevines to tear down, instead he will build a new gazebo and preserve the vines. Apparently 10+ years of aging is on its way to making good grapes for wine… that is to be determined (project 3: winemaking).

Men at work.

Finito!  I put in the tiki lamps.  And nailed a board and a half.  Now all we need is a bistro table and a waterfall on the wall.

If he made the deck a bit longer, we could’ve had the wedding here!

Nevermind the fact we didn’t get to the old gazebo.  Gotta save something for next time.


The Blues Reception

March 17, 2010

I am home from a wonderful week with H2B and back to reality.  But not so fast, first I want to share some highlights from the week.  There were some lolights as well — mostly to do with waking up at 4.30am then listening to H2B snore at 9.30pm.  After a few days I got used to it and his schedule (as well as going back to central time) has made the time change super easy.

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Visa Black Card

March 15, 2010

I have no idea why I got an invitation to receive the exclusive  Visa Black Card.  Isn’t it limited to the likes of P. Diddy and dot com millionaires?  It must be a sign of the times, banks opening up their VIP membership to mere mortals (or in this case, unemployed lawyers) in the hopes of $495 more per year.  That’s how much it costs to be part of this club.  An annual membership fee exceeding most interest payments buys you a 24-hour concierge, an exclusive rewards program, and “Luxury Gifts from some of the world’s top brands.”  Inconspicuous enough?  Well, nothing beats the feeling of a little black card made with real carbon that only 1% of all US residents hold.  Perhaps we’re short of organic materials in this world.  Perhaps 99% of US residents have brains.

In any case, dear Visa Black Card Customer Experience Director, thank you for the pre-screened offer of credit and promise of elitism.  But I must graciously decline.  I much prefer not to add $495 onto the wedding tally of this year.  Unless of course, the 24-hour concierge is a wedding planner and the exclusive rewards program nets me a lovely reception for 150.  Luxury Gifts from my registry might seal the deal.  Only then, I’d be interested.  For 1 year.

Edit:  I have been informed that the mystical exclusive black card is actually the American Express Centurion Card (which is black and made of aluminum) where you have to charge $250,000/annulam.  The Visa one is a knock off and not nearly as cool.  To get the Centurion, you have to be a holder of the Platinum card, then pay a one time fee of $5,000 and have impeccable credit and assets to match.  Prior to 2006, this black card was by invitation only.  Now you can apply for one if you have a proven track record of spending $250,000 a year on your Platinum.

Perks include automatic upgrades on hotels and airplanes, free one night stays at certain resorts, and partial ownership of a private jet.  Read more here.

Not a Morning Person

March 8, 2010

I am here in Virginia, awake at 9am visiting H2B.  While 9am doesn’t sound so early to most people, let me tell you I’ve actually been awake since 4.19am Eastern time.  That’s about when H2B gets up to do his morning routine before PT (physical training).  He tells me to put on my eye mask and go back to sleep.  Easier said than done when he turns on the TV and brushes his teeth like an elephant.  If elephants brushed their teeth, it would sound like H2B this morning.

He returns at 7am-ish and showers like an elephant too (see below).  At that point I’ve been a zombie with an upside down eyemask on for about 3 hours.  We go eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant and I am surprised to be the only person in PJ’s.  Somehow all the other visiting girlfriends/fiancees/wives are looking alive.  They must not be marrying elephants.

H2B responds by laughing at me and pointing out the fact I didn’t do 150 pushups before the sun came up or run 2 miles in sub-30 F.  I’m pretty sure I am the one on “vacation” this week, not him.  Somebody has to earn the bacon around here.  I am just suffering collaterally (needlessly).

I am officially stalker-wife.  I logged into H2B’s facebook account the other day and checked out the pictures uploaded from his squad (platoon?) group.  Actually, I feel rather entitled to log onto his account as I am the one who created it in the first place.  H2B is slow in joining the progressive generation Y social networking phenomenon.  I joined Facebook when it first started back in 2003 or 4.  Around its inception, I actually got a phone call from my undergraduate college newspaper doing a survey on what people thought of sites like Facebook and Friendster.  At the time my feedback wasn’t so positive.  There may have been words like “stalkerish” and “pointless” exchanged.  Well, that was before the days of the mini-feed.  As a blossoming IP attorney, I must share with you this interesting tidbit.  Do you know that Facebook got a patent on the mini-feed??  The concept of taking snippets of activity and compiling it into a continuous update service like the news stream.  Wow.  Too bad for Twitter, since that’s basically its life goal.

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By now, you all should know I love abbreviations on this blog (and during AIM chit chat).  It saves wear and tear on the fingers.  Also with H2B being in the Army now.  The Army loves its abbreviations to the extent that it becomes a foreign language within English.  For example, when we received H2B’s orders we were on our way out the door so he asked me to read them to him in the car.  I got past the salutation and maybe one sentence before I realized, hey some of these words don’t have any vowels.  They even abbreviate their clothes.  For example, PT gear = workout clothes, ACU = camo.  Don’t even get me started on their usage of time.  0430 is when he gets up.  2100 is when he goes to bed.  Did I get that right?  Sorry, I grew up in England where we have tea at five thirty o’clock.

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Welcome Baby Ava

February 24, 2010

H2B’s sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl early this morning.  Her name is Ava, and both mom and baby are doing well.

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